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  Jaguar XFR

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Country of origin:Great Britain
Produced from:2009 - 2015
Introduced at:2009 NAIAS
Internal name:X250
Source:Company press release
Last updated:January 15, 2009
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 Re: Fastest Jaguar Ever  
Joao Gois
It indeed is the fastest Jaguar ever. But claiming it only got the limiter removed and some safety features added is quite simplstic. It indeed had the limiter removed but its power output was bumped up to about 600hp by increasing the supercharger pressure and revising the ECU mapping. The suspension was lowered a couple of inches and it received some aerodynamic modifications, such as a new front bumper (featuring a new splitter), a substantial rear spoiler (in order to increase the car's rear and allow greater stability in high speed) and a flat belly pan to provide extra downforce.
 Not that fast....  
The XFR used at Bonneville was modified to produce 600bhp - the XJ220 was completely factory, hence the XJ is still Jaguar's fastest "production" car.
 fastest jaguar ever  
The Jaguar XFR hit 360kmh at Bonneville recently. With only the speed limiting technology turned off and some minor safety modifications required by the Bonneville people, this Jaguar is now the fastest production Jaguar on the planet - even eclipsing the legendary XJ220 of the '90s, although acceleration figures are still shy of the XJ220.

And all this from a 5 seater 4 door family sedan - what a coup!
 BMW M-what?  
This could very well be the swan-song for Jaguar. Finally, a worthy rival to the BMW M5, perhaps an even better car than it. I certainly would go for this car's styling over the M5's, as Jaguar have finally decided to compliment the somewhat ugly and dreary headlamps with some air intakes in the front bumper. As a result, it looks classy, yet with a blatant, aggressive demeanor about it.

Yet for all its looks and classiness, this car will undoubtedly be understated in the business world. Hell, it'll be understated almost anywhere. And that's why I'd buy this over an M5; they'll never know what hit them. And for what it's worth, this car is quite simply very cool indeed.
 Jags are nice but cars don't need to cost so much  
Nice looking car but I'd rather save some money and buy a Fusion.....

 great looking car  
the new jag looks great looks mean I personly like the design and think it will be a great seller
Looks like a Ford Falcon?

Why? It looks nothing like a Ford Falcon.

Because of it's layout? What? A front engined rear wheel drive platform? That's like saying that the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is "like a Ford Falcon" because it has a 4-door layout and FR driveline like "a Ford Falcon".

And what does "amongst other things." really mean?

Please clarify your vague, innacurate posts with hard facts. The XF was designed by Ian Callum, a well-known and highly respected man from the ranks of GM who previously had nothing to do with the past or present Ford Falcon.

The XF is a brilliant-looking car, the XFR even more so. You draw invisible lines where there are none, equating the XF to an XF Falcon.

Please get a clue.
 JAGUAR loses its Identity?  
Always great to see a new JAGUAR but this one is not instantly recognisable as one and , dare I say it, appears to have joined the 'Bangle-Bargelooking-Brigade' at least at the nose.

Where is the iconic styling that always made JAGUAR so different and stand apart from the crowd?

In fact this car looks like JAGUAR has forgotten its design roots and the XFR has almost an uncertain and nervous look about it.

Still a wonderful car but if it was not for the prominent JAGUAR badge up front I could be looking at a vehicle from the big two German marques and even an Australian Falcon has similar nose treatment

Makes me a little sad but perhaps I am showing my age?
 Looks like ford  
Aaron Rozzi
Looks like an Australian Ford Falcon, because of engine and layout, and maybe other things...

  Article Image gallery (18) Specifications User Comments (9)