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  Ferrari FF

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Country of origin:Italy
Produced from:2011 - 2016
Introduced at:2011 Geneva Motor Show
Designed by:Pininfarina
Predecessor:Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Successor:Ferrari GTC4Lusso
Source:Company press release
Last updated:March 09, 2011
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 Great! But...  
snake bacon
Ferrari went to all the trouble of reinventing the wheel with it's completely different 4wd system, which has two gearboxes (the one at the front can only handle one fifth of the car's power and from 5th gear onwards it is completely rear wheel drive. They say they did this to make the engine a few centimetres lower which in their opinion fixes everything, but, as top gear has recently pointed out, all of that really wasn't necessary. Still, it is a fantastic technical achievement and it looks pretty nice too.
 A different Ferrari  
I think we have to look at the car design aspect separately from the technology or mechanical considerations. I believe in the past Ferrari has not done a good job in shaping 4-seaters, exception made of the 456 and 612 coupes in more recent times. The problem with this one is, it’s not a coupe! (and everyone is expecting Ferrari to build one). Having said that, the car is not ugly at all. Nothing out of the future, but it is a decent, well balanced, clean lines body. We don't find many 4-seaters that are "pretty nice" in this range of super cars either, do we? Look at Porsche Panamera, or even the 9xx coupes, are they pretty nice? And for the rest of it, having an AWD car with 660+ horses under the hood and 7 speed gearbox plus all the state-of-the-art technology bonuses…, well, that is a very serious peace of car that shouldn't make Ferrari fans disappointed.
 FF looks  
I think Ferrari has a winner w/ the FF, though I must say it isn't that attractive in white. I'd love to see more pictures in red, or perhaps black. Forza Ferrari!
 Am i the only one who likes it?  
I feel like I'm the only one here, but the reason why i like it is because the look of it, is revolutionary. Sure it looks like an M coupe, but the new, hatchback sort of shape is what really will turn heads. Looks like its from China? Hardly, it is definitely a product of Pininfarina, as they are very exotic when it comes to designs. They never cease to amaze us (whether it is positive or negative) which is why we come to this website to glance at what products they have brought us.

All wheel drive is a must these days, regardless of the reason, as mentioned below, all super car manufacturers are doing it. I was surprised to see that this also, was a two plus two like its predecessor. But personally, i'd prefer the extra trunk space.
 When you thought it couldn't get uglier...  
Joao Gois
... Ferrari does it again. I think everyone should say goodbye to gorgeous Ferraris because they died with the 360. And to make it even worse, they revived the Breadvan in the worse catastrofic way I could imagine. I mean, it looks like its grinning at you, like it was designed in China...

And excuse me if I think a Ferrari AWD is a sacrilege. Porsche went for an AWD solution because the 911 was killing all its owners. Lamborghini did the same cause the Diablo couldn't keep a straight line. It's bad PR when you kill your customers. Ferrari doesn't have that kind of problems so why foing "along with the tide"?

I appreciate Ferrari comming up with new designs ... but this is a big mistake. It looks like a Z4 Coupe from the side which is fugly.

If Ferrari designed the FF to get 4 adults to sit comfortably they did not have to design this hideous thing. With 660+ HP and 4WD, they could have designed something special. Personally, I would have designed a 4 door Ferrari instead of this 2 door coupe/stationwagon.

I've read on the internet that this may cost upto $900K in my country. If that is true I can buy a 458 Italia and a 1-2 year old F430. I still get 4 seats but I'll need another driver. Ha! Ha!

I suppose it has great performance (yet to be proven of course), but sorry Ferrari, this car is a big let down.
I disagree with the notion that Ferrari should stay with cars that are only rear wheel drive. Ferrari are a performance manufacturer and when you're looking at the limitations of a front engined, rear wheel drive car with 660bhp, there really shouldn't be anything shocking about considering the advantages of all-wheel traction.

Porsche use it, Lamborghini use it, Bugatti use it, why not Ferrari? And besides, you always have the California to sate your RWD desires and I'm sure there'll be a replacement for the 599 rather soon.
 Geezer power  
Granny may be trading in her 409 for a 660.
 Finally! I can take my dog along!  
Glad to see they' ve come to their senses. I'll even be able to do Home Depot runs in this.
 First Ferrari AWD? Not really...  
As many surely know the Ferrari 408 was the first Ferrari ever featuring 4WD (1987). It was a prototype mounting a 4.0l V8 engine. Only two units were built.

I don´t like the look of this new Ferrari, it reminds me of the BMW Z3 coupe... Hopefully Ferrari will remain true to its roots (RWD) after this.

  Article Image gallery (33) Specifications User Comments (10)