Our race cars <----Sharperto Racing---->

We run 4 race cars in Improved production here in Australia. I own aToyota Corolla KE25 with a blacktop 20V, my older brother runs a Toyota Corolla KE20 with a silver top 20V, my nephews and older brothers sons race a Toyota Corolla KE30 and a KE55. The nephews cars run 2 litre turbocharged engines approx 380hp and 450nm of torque .
  1. clints ke55 clubhouse turn
  2. Robs KE30 clubhouse turn
  3. hang and rob chasing
  4. 4AGE 20V BLACKTOP 600, my engine
  5. bro and bro 600, chasing the brothers 20 in qualifying
  6. sharperto at the track 600, at the pits
  7. sharperto racing 600, all 4 cars at the workshop
  8. front.jpg 600 MY @%
  9. big and little corolla.jpg600, my white KE25 and Clints KE55
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