Pictures of my beloved Slobalt.
  1. Me a few seconds after pulling a mad pimp h4x0r leet FWD understeer slide, once again my sister failed to catch the moment... 
In the background...
  2. Just for you Clivey, winter tires!
  3. The Slobalt in front of my house. 
Winter + salt on roads = sad dirty cars...
  4. Moments before pulling the handbrake... my sister failed to take a good action shot. Women...
  5. Chevy logo.
  6. Mad pimp gauges.
  7. Ecotec L61 2.2-liter Inline-4. 148 bhp, 155 ft-lbf of torque.
  8. The Slobalt the first day we got it. Sunburst Orange Metallic ftw.
  9. Rear view.
  10. Badging.
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