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01-08-2010, 11:04 AM
Sorry to those of you couldn’t attend the “Challenger’s Engine Block Party” event in LA. The Challenger celebration took place at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA on December 18th. From all accounts everyone had a blast! It was so much fun in fact that they recorded the entire thing…

See first-hand how the today’s Dodge Challenger came to life; there’s a video detailing how Chrysler engineers expedited the process from conception to production.
Watch videos highlighting key performance features.
Check out behind the scenes sneak peeks of how Dodge and AutoWeek pulled the event together and all the sweet Challengers they had on-site.
You can also get a glimpse at the three lucky people who got a chance to drive the 2010 Dodge Challenger down the streets of Burbank with AutoWeek’s very own Dutch Mandel.

If you missed out on the festivities go to:2010 Dodge Challenger: Engine Block Party (http://www.engineblockparty.com) to join in the fun!

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