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In Italy we have something called "par condicio".
When you have a representative of a political party in a television program, you also need to have someone from the other party.
I think people over the States would call this "fairness doctrine", if they are old enough to remember that period...


Anyway, after releasing my interview with Horacio Pagani of Zonda fame, I've managed to get the attention of the other excessive supercars maker, Christian Von Koenigsegg of CCX.
Everything started from a misleading article I've found about the first days of his company, and trying to teach me well, we put together a quick interview on his company, from the early days to the brand new Agera R.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/_XKrNBVmnhdI/TXFzIfCKmcI/AAAAAAAAEu4/D2soEvJ2Bzw/s640/Christian%20building%20first%20CC%20prototype%2019 96.jpg

Hope you'll enjoy this articles as well, even if I couldn't get into so many details as I did in the other interview. Sweden isn't exactly around the corner, yet. Couldn't take any pictures myself, but Koenigsegg and his staff were kind enough to provide me with some very rare pictures.

20.1 Sweden Ainít That Cold: Christian Von Koenigsegg gives us a quick interview on how he made his dream come true (http://theitalianjunkyard.blogspot.com/2011/03/sweden-aint-that-cold-christian-von.html)

Enjoy! :)

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Good stuff!
I was just about to ask you for Horacio's opinion on the other adolescent supercar maker. They are the two modern supercar makers whose cars strike me as being supercars of the old school.

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Great coverage Damiano!

Good stuff!
I was just about to ask you for Horacio's opinion on the other adolescent supercar maker. They are the two modern supercar makers whose cars strike me as being supercars of the old school.

I thought of that too. Sounds a lot like W.O. Bentley or what Mr. Lamborghini did- making cars their own way. Of course, what I know about Bentleys is from watching Jay Leno, but you get the idea. :p

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Very nice coverage, Leon. OT... but interesting he has something I have had since age 19: alopecia totalis.

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In all honesty I didn't talk about Koenigsegg with Pagani, or the other way around. Pagani purposefully mentioned the Veyron during the interview, but it didn't pop into my mind to ask about the rest of the competition. Not so sure he would have appreciated.
Similarly, Koenigsegg didn't mention any other car company except for Porsche, because of a few similarities it has with the way he developed his company.
On the other hand while I was talking with Claudio Santoni of McLaren about their new CF chassis, questioned about his opinion about the carbo-titanium technology developed by Pagani, he just avoided answering directly about that because he wasn't informed enough on the subject.

Anyway, the interview goes on with some more talking about the Koenigsegg CCX and Agera.


You'll find pretty interesting that the CCX is actually a new car compared to the CCR, with a new design, new chassis, new panels, and a redesigned engine.

I've also added a few shots I've personally taken last yer during the Geneva Autoshow, featuring both the special edition CCXR 100E and the Agera prototype.


Enjoy the reading:
20.2 Theory of Evolution: the interview with Christian Von Koenigsegg goes on (http://theitalianjunkyard.blogspot.com/2011/03/202-theory-of-evolution-interview-with.html)

03-05-2011, 09:23 PM
When last visiting Sweden I did bring up the potential for a 'naked' CCX, and Pagani was mentioned, but not heavily discussed.

Factory photos are strictly controlled, more so than Pagani, it would seem, but it was a very welcoming place to visit.

03-06-2011, 06:11 AM
We had some problems shooting at Pagani's as well.
When we were there with Pieter and Wouter we could take pictures only in 2 out 3 production room, probably because int he third and largest room there was something related to the new car, the Huayra.

When I came back with the gf for the actual interview, the let us visit the whole place inside out, but once again they had to move the new car's chassis outside and cover it's bodywork with some black sheets.

Then again we could take pictures only because we were there as journalists, ordinary visitor are toured by a guide and pictures are a complete no go except for the showroom. I guess it's the same for just about every company.

For the little I could say about Koenigsegg, yes, he sounds like a really nice guy, and it should be a worth place to visit.

03-13-2011, 06:06 PM
Last part of this series of articles isn't really a part of the interview, rather a post on the new Agera R with the full press release available for download and an high resolution gallery as well.

20.3 More Is Never Enough: Last Addition to Koenigsegg's Line-Up Is Just Insane, perfect way to end an interview (http://theitalianjunkyard.blogspot.com/2011/03/203-more-is-never-enough-last-addition.html)

I must thank Mr Koenigsegg for forwarding me the material for this article and getting me, and you all, in the know about his own car company and the way everything started, passion, which is also how the company is still run nowadays.

Also thanks to whoever contributed to the Hide-out over the years as some of the older images I used come exactly from there.
Thanks UCPers! :D

Talking about the very Agera R featured in the article and showcased in Geneva, I have to say that roof box makes a lot of sense somehow. It looks much better than those aftermarket things you see attached to some Lambos, and even if it's something absolutely weird to think about, it fits the car. Well, coming from Sweden probably explains it a little, doesn't it?

Hope you enjoyed this series of articles on Koenigsegg, and thanks again to Mr Christian Von Koenigsegg and his staff for their time, help and knowledge.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/_XKrNBVmnhdI/TX1dERNx_BI/AAAAAAAAE1A/GRcJ-dRiJIw/s640/2011%20Koenigsegg%20Agera%20R%20%2383%20high%20res olution%20%285%29.jpg

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Nice work mate, and props to Koenigsegg for giving you the time and access. They're awesome beasts for sure.

03-13-2011, 06:57 PM
The white on black is an amazing colour scheme, Great writeup too :)

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Thanks chaps :)

It's probably the first time I appreciate something inspired by Speed Racer. To his defence, the owner apparently is a fan of the original series, not the epileptic senseless recent movie.

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I gotta read all the Koenigsegg articles.

I am lagging behind on TIJ - apologies, hahah.

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I gotta read all the Koenigsegg articles.

I am lagging behind on TIJ - apologies, hahah.

Usually it's the other way around, TIJ lagging behind on all readers :D