View Full Version : Chop My 365 GTB/4

Fabio Ferrari
07-31-2004, 11:31 PM
I would like to see who can do the best job of choping my Ferrari 365 GTB/4, I would like to see something very tastefull not raised or a bad paint job, I would just like to see something that looks really sharp. For every chop I like I will add 1 point to your rep and for the winner 2 points. The Deadline is August 11 at 12:00pm CET. So lets see some good chops soon. Choose either picture to chop.

07-31-2004, 11:34 PM
Well firstly you can't add rep yet... If you don't know you need 25 rep points to rate. Also isn't +1 per chop a bit much and its kinda abusing the rep system...

Fabio Ferrari
07-31-2004, 11:38 PM
I thaught it was 20 points to add rep, and a second ago I had 20 points i dont know what happned, and I was going to give +1 point for each chop i like. well if i can not give points, I would just like to see what some people can do with this.

08-01-2004, 09:45 AM
I don't wanna mess up such a beautiful car ;)

Fabio Ferrari
08-01-2004, 02:02 PM
To true my friend to true, the 365 GTB/4 is a beautiful car, but I just would like to see what people can do with it.