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  1. Wow! - Phil - I can't believe it took me this long to notice I had a message from you! My sincere apologies!

    I've seen pictures of your collection on the web somewhere... Congratulations on an excellent choice to pursue beautiful Italian-American hybrids.

    Your restored Murena must be one of the ones in the Intermeccanica book! (black or silver?)
    My '69 Italia is seen on pages 83 & 84 of the book, but does not include the tan interior photo which was mis-attributed to me.

    My car is not on the market, but if I hear of any, I'll let you know!
    Meanwhile, I would appreciate having your phone number.
    Mine is (248) 437-5528
    Email =
    Thanks again!
  2. I am retired and live in San Diego and am interested in buying and collecting Intermeccanica cars as my retirement hobby. I am also interested in other European cars with American drivetrains like Iso and Monteverde.

    I currently have 6 Intermeccanica related cars. They are: 1966 Vetta Ventura, 1969 Murena, 1970 Murena, 1968 Italia, 1970 Italia, 1971 Italia, 1974 Indra. My cars range from total project cars to fully restored (1966 Vetta Ventura, 1969 Murena, and 1974 Indra are all restored.) I will gladly pay finders fees for help in finding more of these rare classic sports cars. email me at thanks Italiaphil from San Diego.
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