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  1. I regret it took me so long to realize I had a message from you, but I don't check this website regularly.

    Where are you?
    Can you send me your phone#, email, and perhaps the serial# of your car?

    My friend with 3 parts cars is Dennis DeBano. I cannot speak for whether he would be willing to sell any parts as his ultimate goal is to build one good car from the three, and he may want to hang on to any spares... but feel free to contact him and to mention that I gave you his contact information...
    (248) 693-2366 HOME#
    (248) 622-1153 CELL#

    I do a regular search on ebay for Intermeccanica parts, and though they come up very rarely, they do occasionally show up when someone is parting out a car.

    Feel free to stay in touch with your other needs as I might have some experience that could help...

    Please contact me directly instead of through this list, and I will respond much sooner...
    (248) 437-5528

    Dan Eastwood
  2. Hi

    I am a new -67 Torino/Italia Spyder owner since some days and I am looking for parts to my car. The Italia reproductions offering is pretty limited as I expect my needs are likely to be pretty large. I will have the car with me in about a month or so.

    Would you have any leads from where parts could be available. I saw that you wrote that someone you know had 3 parts cars. Any possibility to source some extra parts from there. Bigger parts missing are convetible top frame, rear light rubbers, some of the smaller Jaeger gauges, etc

    Pasi Wirkkala
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