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  1. Hello. I recently came across via Google your post about SCCA and it not being a suitable pipe for young drivers to get into the sport. It was an older post, and quite lengthy. :) Found here, at the bottom:

    Well, turns out I'm a young driver and I want to get into the sport, professionally. And I wanted to ask you, since you seem to know what you're talking about, if SCCA isn't too viable as a break-in method, then what, in your opinion, is? I was looking at the new Jetta TDI Cup, for instance. I heard from one driver who wasn't selected that the series costs about 30 grand, airs on Speed TV and allows sponsorship. Do you think that would be a good route? I admit my interest in SCCA is much less so than other more independent "arrive and drive" formats such as the Formula BMWs you mentioned or a school series like Formula Russell or the Barber MX-5s. Though, I am still thinking about buying or at least renting a Formula 500 or Formula Vee car for club racing. I'm just trying to sort out my options.

    My e-mail is if you would like to reply. My website is if you're interested.


    ~Greg Evans
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