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  1. That is only what I've heard from sources who are either long gone, or know nothing more. The SE30 I saw was black, but that's all I can say. The only other info I know is that 2 of those "5", were reportedly both in the original "purple", and that 1 was a SE30 seen on the streets, and the other was a Jota seen in a showroom. The Jota is more than likely, long gone, though. Sorry I have nothing more to share.
  2. Hi there.
    I noticed this post of yours .
    I am working on a Diablo SE registry as it is my favourite car, and would be interested in more information on the Monaco SE's you mentioned. Where did you hear 5 SE's went to Monaco? Do you have any pictures or info of the black Jota that you spotted, could it have been #117?

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