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  1. You should post some pictures of your GLT. Have you seen my thread in the User ride subforum. Trading cars ? if you would live in the Netherlands, then mayb.... no thank you. :) Mine already came with sport suspension, was optional on the T-5 (that's what the Turbo model is called in Europe). I did put in a strut brace. But most of the money has went to my wheels and the R-bumper. (and necessary maintenance considering it's 340.000 kilometers)
  2. Hi Sweeney, I have the turbo model. It's funny to read that many Europeans are converting their 850's to US spec. And Americans want them in Eu spec.
  3. hey man I drive an 850 also and I've been looking into modifications for it, basically making it Euro-spec like yours. Do you have a GLT or a turbo model?
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