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  1. thank you, i am a member of a sailing assoc and their web setup is different than this one so I am learning the jargon here ...better mechanic than blogger, sorry. that list cuts off before my yr so I needed info + 1958 to verify the correct yr of the critter.. thank you,skooter
  2. I think this is what you were looking for

    (don't want to sound pedantic at all, but I found it by using the search function on the forum tools, and typed in Fiat 1100 TV)...

    Looking forward to shots of your car in that particular thread.

    best regards

  3. henk4, Hi I found a thread and lost it where someone was tracking the body #'s for 55-59 fiat 103 TV's etc. I lost it and I think I have a "1958" fiat 103G transformable. body #003983. I dont know anyone in your group and I am trying to confirm the yr of my car..Its licensed as a 59' looks like a 58' ... so I'm trying to confirm the yr. thank you for any help, thanks , skooter
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