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  1. Wow thats awesome you import/export Japanese cars. I checked out your website and I cant believe you have an R35 GT-R on there. Idk if Canada is different than the USA, but I think there is like a 25 year limit on car imports to the USA, Im not foresure. The funny thing about me talking to you is, I was just on a couple of Car Import websites and was wondering how hard it is to get one to the USA, and now I see that you do exporting. Well hey, do you have an email or anything, I dont think you have your Private Message enabled, so message me, or leave me a visitor comment. Im really into the whole JDM car scene, and I like Drift Cars, Vip(bippu) Style, & Older Japan cars, and I wouldn't mind getting to know a little more about your business and yourself, especially that Toyota Crown that your "about me" says you drive!!!
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it. I was formerly importing cars into Canada that had to be 15 years old or older. that being said, there were some very nice cars that could be imported. My main problem being an importer was finding a reliable exporter. Not being able to find one and having close family ties to japan, I decided to move my business and family to Osaka, Japan to become a used car exporter were I was in control of what I was selling. I have only arrived here at the end of March 2008 but thing are going well and always trying to spread the word about what I do.


  3. Hey, happen to see that you are new to UCP forums. Just wanted to welcome you in and I was reading your about me, and you sound like you have an awesome occupation. Plus I see you drive a Toyota Crown, I love that car. Is it like a newer Crown Athlete or what??? Well hope you like this site, look foreward to seeing some of your post....
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