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  1. Hi motorsportnerd, I just want to congratulate you on your skills as a motoring journalist, have you considered writing a column for a newspaper or magazine, I find your road tests to be informative and unbiased. I sent you a message before regarding the BF Falcon upgrade, I know you have not driven one but apparently they are a completely different car as far as drivetrain and cabin NVH goes, they apparently make the Ba feel old and unrefined, Ford aust had injected a large amount of money into the NVH improvements.
    If you ever drive a BF I'd love to see your full report on it, I have been looking at BF's, VE's and 380's (front wheel drive bothers me though) and the VE's engine and boat anchor gearbox bothers me to, the only thing which bothers me about the bf Falcon is the Taxi ambience and lack of cosmetic change since 2002, I have no doubts that the 380 is the best car out of the three and maybe quickest to 100 kph (7.3 secs was that the auto?) I 've heard slower acceleration times in some other tests more like 8.3 secs but that depends, in the road tests I've read the BF is quicker than the 380 in all increments, overtaking and standing start acceleration, but the BA I think either matches or is slightly behind the 380, with 343 NM through the front wheels I'd be anxious about torqu steer. Cheers and great work, you are better than most journalists out there. Muso
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