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  1. To contact the Intermeccanica Owner's Registry:
    Tim Marriott, President
    18699 E. Colorado Drive
    Aurora, CO 80017-5403
    Phone: 303-752-2301

    That should be the right address.

    Good to hear that your car is something special.
    Keep me posted on how things will go

    best regards

  2. Thanx so much for your quick response. I have visited the website but found no Register (owners Register) ??? -
    I did contact Intermeccanica, and Mr. Henry Reisner referred me to someone who might have an interest - he actually wanted a convertible - but it gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of information into the details of our Omega. Ours has a unique history and is, in fact, registered as a 'sports coupe' (I have the original bill of sale from Steve Wilder) since the name "Omega" was owned by Oldsmobile.
    If you can direct me to Mr. Tim Marriott, I shall contact him. Otherwise, will re-establish contact with Mr. Reisner to see if he has further suggestions.
    Thanx so much.
  3. Hi,
    My suggestion would be to contact the Intermeccanica Register
    and then Tim Marriott from the owners Register.
    With so few cars built, the whereabouts of the cars is mostly fully known, and also whether there is a demand for a particular type.
    I noted a Griffith being recently sold to Holland voor $US37.500, so that might give you a price indication.
    Hope this helps
    Keep me posted
    Pieter (Melissen)
  4. Good morning, Henk4 - I have seen some of your previous posts regarding the Intermeccanica Omega (Griffith). Do you know anyone interested in purchasing one? We have one that we are selling as my husband had a stroke and can no longer drive. Any info regarding contacts ... or where I even begin... would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.
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