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  1. Hi, new user. I've been reading the forums, and learned that you are an experience car salesman. I was just hired to sell Fords at a Ford Dealership in Austin Texas. I am going to the main location to fill out my new hire paperwork tomorrow. The most customer service experience that I have is selling fresh cut meat in grocery store meat departments. I found the job through craigslist, was directed to a guy who contracts new salesman to Ford, Nissan and Suzuki. I had about 3 interviews with him, and he sent me to Riate Ford to fill out the application and they sent me for a background test/drug screen. About a week and half later, they called me for a final interview, and tomorrow I fill out the new hire paperwork. I know very little about cars, and I am in all honesty, nervous about this job. It's purely commision based, and I know I'm going in this with either a) I make A LOT of money, and I am very succesful, or b) I make absolutely nothing, or close to it.

    Is there any advice you would like to give me about this job?

    Thanks in advance, Brian
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