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  1. droool ..... you ever plan to let go the djet please let me know :)

    Also please, PLEASE post pics and details up on the forum and help spread the word on the Matra marque :)

    Re adaptors THE most important thing is to make sure it's made of the right grade and that the bolts have enough meat to hodl them safely and avoid stress points.
    Especially if the new rims means the contact patch is move out frmo standard as that can dramtically multiply the torson on the bolts and pottentially create a shear point on the spacer edges.
    Get from a VERY qualiified supplier :) You may find recommendations on the frenc alpine renault forum and thank fully with google auto translate a lto easier to use then before :)
  2. Hi this is Vic in Southern California.
    I read your post from a couple years back about the wheel adapters. I have a 1966 Matra Djet 5 that I'm planning on installing a set of 14" Toyota aluminum rims from an old FX16. It looks like a simple set of 3-to-4 machined adaptors will be a cinch because the car already has factory adaptors...
    What should I watch for as far as safety is concerned?

    Thanks, Vic
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