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  1. Ludo, i may have ruined the Villa d'Este post, I hope you don't mind putting the pictures again into the attachment system. Sorry for this.
  2. Ludo,

    if you edit a thread there is an option : go advanced, and from then on you can re-edit the complete post.

    best regards


    PS: We haven't mentioned it so far but the events thread is actually meant to also tell about the event and not simply post pictures. However as you may know, we visited (and reported about) everything you posted (except the MM) so that is not such an omission. However, have a look at the some other threads in that section and you will know what I mean.

    best regards

  3. Hello

    The link for the attachments appear only during a creation of topic, not when we answer the simplest, already existing topic to delete(eliminate) is everything from my comments and then I would redo something appropriate(clean)

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