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  1. Oh shucks, I thought you lived in Antarctica ;)

    Well, thanks for getting back to me. it's too bad this didn't work out.

    Where in Oz do you live? I visited a good friend on the Gold Coast 3 years ago and loved it. Had a hard time coming back!

  2. Hi Adrenaline

    I work at Social Media Group ( and my job involves building relationships with online enthusiasts. We are not an advertising or PR firm; we deal 100% with social media. Today, I am contacting you on behalf of our client, Ford Motor Company.

    Normally I contact the admins first. I understand there are certain rules to forums and I donít want to be disrespectful in any way. However, I have not heard a reply to them an thought since I am a member of this community I could just contact you anyway.

    What we are looking to do is to give you an opportunity to have a memorable experience with the 2009 Ford Flex. How? Well, we haven't decided. We thought maybe you could come up with some ideas on fun ways you would like to check out this car.

    Like I said, we want you to have a unique and memorable experience and who better to decide how to do that then you?

    If you're interested I've left my contact info at the end of this message or you can message me back.


    ZoŽ Siskos

    | Social Media Analyst | Social Media Group | p: 905-628-4978 x27 | f: 905-628-5635
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