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  1. Hi Pieter,
    I do not know if you received my reply to your message about Allen on the 72 today. I think if you report on 72-6 at one with the big Texaco and is now in Japan Allen make a mistake to identify it as 72 -3.
    I can confirm it after having examinate over 60 pics of the car from 2002 to 2009.
    That is also confirmed by MotorSport magazine in October 2002 and by Wouter Melissen details for 72 Ultimatecarpage.
    Allen also places in USA the 72-8. But that car until 2009 was part of the Donington Collection as one of the most important pieces for the museum for many years.
    That they have sold it in this recent months?
    Best Regards
  2. Hi Marco
    Allen has updated his information after my question. It seems that what I thought was #6 actually is #3, which did quite some historic racing in Europe

  3. Hi Marco
    Those were precisely the questions that I asked. You may also have noted that the site no longer links to the current location of the car. Probably to avoid all legal difficulties, in case a car is claimed by two owners.
    He has not replied yet, but I will keep you informed

    best regards

  4. Allen runs the site: [url=] - racing car history[/url]
    He is currently involved in bringing together a model of all Lotus F1 cars for the Snetterton Lotus Reunion on June 20th. I know him personally.

    I knows his useful site.
    It was helpfully for me for racing data of the 72's frames.
    In his site he wrote the destination of the chassis but with the country only.
    I know that #2 of Rindt after being preserved as it was after the crash until a few years ago.
    Then the new British owner had intended to restore the car on four wheels.
    Then nothing news.
    I'd like to know the evolution of it.


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