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  1. Woe to You Oh Earth and Sea
    for the Devil sends the Aveo with wrath
    because he knows the time is short.

    Let him who hath understanding
    reckon the number of the Aveo
    for it is a human number
    its number is one thousand and six hundred (cc).
  2. I'll give you a rank as soon as you become a SM, noob. In the meantime, Lt. Lulz banned me, whoever he is.

    Yep, that's how awesome he is, he banned the unbannable.
  3. Rear Admiral ROTFLMAOWPIMP reporting for duty.
  4. greetings from Lt. Lulz
  5. It's the best synonym for blazing, tho.
    West Coast, G! *rolls eyes*
  6. It wasn't obscure, I was like "that's Let Me Ride" and then I saw your link to the song's lyrics :D I'm too much into west coast rap me thinks
  7. Smelling like Indo nesia?
    *lols at obscure rap reference*
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