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  1. I see you have an interest in an 1984 Audi 4000 S Quattro. I i did own one and after restoring it, i gave it to my Cousin. I will tell you this much, it is one of the easiest car to work on. The only issue is, the All Wheel Drive System is Vaccuum operated. For the drive system to work properly, you will need to check all the Vaccuum hoses for condition. The partrs that will fit are the front fenders,( the 85 do not have the side markers on it), front doors (these doors do not have the pivot window in it) The rear tail lights. The front and read bumpers and headlight will fit the 84, that is if you want the euro look. Message me back if you need any additional information. By the way, the speedometer, the problem is a gear in it that get worn out. i take mine to a speedometer shop and got it fixed. it cost me $80.00 US. Anyway, take care and good luck. If you choose not to purchase the car, let me know and i will pass the info on to my cousin.
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