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  1. I'm happy to reopen it, I was just thinking that this forum relies on history rather than new posts. the jokes being made weren't new and could have easily been covered by the existing thread. I understand they might have been in a new Genre but most of the jokes have already been made, and to counter I had to delete the same thread because of a duplicate posting.

    I didn't see anything new about it, so I considered it a repost. thats all :)

  2. About the "jokes about bad cars thread" - why was it locked? I understand we do have a "jokes" thread already, but we also have things like a thread like the "random photos" one and others. Perhaps leave the thread open also so as to leave the "main" jokes thread to just be any humor - and then maybe either this (the bad-car joke) thread as is or maybe then have a specifically automotive related humor kind of thread?

    Not that we need a thread for everything, but at the same time the currently-existing joke-thread is utterly massive at this point, and yet, this being a car forum, sometimes it is a little difficult to find some old joke posted a long time ago about how ugly Car-A is :) Especially given that we seem to have quite a number of those kinds of jokes around here.

    Not sure if this is more of a suggestion or a jump-off point of inspiration
    -- Zach/CdocZ
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