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Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Ultimatecarpage.com forums,

Ultimatecarpage.com is a worldwide forum with thousands of members, and the community is still growing fast. For that we would like to thank you, as you are one of them.

As you may understand, when a space of debate gathers people from so many different cultures and ages, there is behavior that needs to be regulated to avoid misunderstandings or discussions. To give you a helping hand, we have created a list of 16 guidelines that we feel is a good reflection of our community.

Our goal is not, in anyway, to shorten our membersí freedom of speech, but to build standards that ensure that oneís freedom is not an obstacle to othersí. We encourage sharp discussions and see the following guidelines as essential to create a level playing field between all members.

There is a strong possibility that some of you donít entirely agree with some of our guidelines. However, mind that they have all resulted from issues and experiences of our moderation staff, and have all been previously and extensively debated.

This said all of the guidelines must be respected without exception. The continuous disrespect of them, can lead to moderation acts towards the implicated members, going from post deletion to a permanent ban. If you have any questions about these guidelines, feel free to contact a moderator by PM (Private Message).

Thank you for the time spent reading this, and enjoy the forums.

Ultimatecarpage.com guidelines:

1. A forum is a space for debate and opinion exchanging. Any post that goes beyond the limits of a sane sociability, whether they are rude, insulting, personal attacks or intended to fire up a conversation, can be moderated and its author hold responsible.
When the moderated member disagrees or wants to be informed about the reasons that lead to the moderation act, he shall contact a moderator by PM.

2. Members are not allowed to make posts without a purpose, to make posts of a single word (unless itís clearly enough to make a point or answer to someone), or non-sense, and out of context posts. The entire post should be readable, the use of hidden (white) text is not allowed. Also when posting new threads please add a descriptive title.

3. Everyone is responsible to make a search through the forums before opening a new thread, to avoid reposts. There is a search feature for that purpose. When you spot a Ďrepostí please make mention of that AND add a link to the old thread, so a moderator can close the thread and discussion continued in the original thread.

4. It is strictly forbidden to erase or edit the meaning of a post, after it has been the subject of a reply.

5. Any kind of advertising or promotion of another website is strictly forbidden. Links to other websites must be made only in the context of the thread. This rule also applies to PMís.

6. Swearing or using pornographic or other shocking images are actions which can lead to severe moderation. Before posting any material than can be considered shocking, please ask the moderators to evaluate whether it can be used or not.

7. Racism, xenophobia and any other cultural and social segregationist messages are not tolerated and lead to severe moderation.

8. Any message considered as a promotion of illegal or criminal activities, or intellectual property violation, will be immediately deleted.

9. Intentional use of double accounts can lead to a ban.

10. When any original text or picture is posted, and whenever possible, the source should be mentioned.

11. The official language of this board is the English. We encourage everyone to write, as much as possible, in correct and complete words and sentences. The use of SMS-like writing is strongly discouraged.

12. The Ultimatecarpage.com forum software has an attachment system for pictures and other files. This is the preferred method of posting images as third party hosting companies can remove images at any time and also posting inline images greatly increase the load times. For all images wider than 800 pixels, the use of the attachment system is mandatory.
Direct link to images posted on other websites, is forbidden.

13. While we expect new members to act according to the guidelines from the get-go, some of them are forum specific and need getting used to. If you encounter a new member having problems, please be patient and give them pointers. Be hospitable to new members; any other behaviour can not be tolerated.

14. This set of rules was made to embrace as many issues as possible. There will always be unforseen and unwelcome issues to solve. In those cases, the moderation staff detains the power to discuss and deliberate what to do in each single moment.

15. Any member that disregards these rules will be made aware by the moderators. If his faults are insistent, the member can be banned.

16. Any of these rules can be revised by the moderation or administration without any previous warning.

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