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  1. Dino Scuderia
    Dino Scuderia
    Let's not forget there will be a new Ferrari unveiled in January in Detroit.
  2. dydzi
    Ferrari premieres:

    18th january - F2008. completely new F1 car, said to be much different from F2007 due to problems with durability of some elements.
    apart from F149, that'll be launched at either detroit or geneve - as small 400 bhp coupe-cabrio, which'll be the new entry car and will boost up F430 to so-called F540 - a more powerful and more radical berlinetta, there'll be also shown in 2008 F599 cabrio, with retractable roof, different that the one on superamerica, but still not conventional
    2009 - F60
  3. go.pawel
    From what I know, the F2008 will be unveiled on Jan 6 on the Fiorano track.
  4. dydzi
    yes they pushed it up to be first :)
  5. Dino Scuderia
    Dino Scuderia
    Okay, we didn't get the new road car at Detroit...I guess they wanted to debut it in Europe.
  6. Bleeding Heart
    Bleeding Heart
    Hey... dis is bleeding heart...
    Hi Guys... I am a true to heart ferrari fan!!!
  7. greatleggs
    Ferrari rocks!
  8. dydzi
    check out my recent [url="http://laferrari.rossocorsa.pl/zbliska/360gt/index.php"]Ferrari 360 GT photoshoot[/url]. comments are welcome!
  9. Joao Gois
    Joao Gois
    Hello everyone! I'm a long time Ferrari fan and, nevertheless the argualbe design decisions they've made for the last models. Still the bests, though! Forza Ferrari!!!
  10. wt888
    Hi everyone. Long time Ferrari fan and owner.

    Here is free Ferrari magazine a few of my friends helped work on:

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