Your Favorite Car Companies.

  1. cargirl1990
    Hey fellow female car enthusiast's! This thread's purpose is for discussing your fav car company! Feel free to post pictures or even your car or even put up specs as well. Do what ever the heck you want! :D
  2. KSVT
    I'm a Ford Girl. I bleed Ford Blue. I live and Breathe for Ford Mustangs'. Cars have always been my world. I've been working in a body shop for over 2 yrs and I love it. Between that and the two project cars at home I'm always doing something with cars. I've got a 2003 Mustang that is my daily driver.. I bought her from a friend of mine and she'd been wrecked previously. I've had to pull off 3 panels and pull out some dents. I've also replaced the hood and retinted the windows. I've done a lot more to her
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