1. drakkie
    Let's kick some Ferrari ass !
  2. faksta
    I promise to finish the history of Maserati racing cars....someday :D
  3. faksta
    Man, I glanced at your post and it looked to me as "Let's lick some Ferrari ass". But then I realized you meant another :D
  4. Waugh-terfall
    'Let's kick some Ferrari Ass!'?
    Are they not part of the same company?
  5. go.pawel
    Even more of a reason to do it :P
  6. Bleeding Heart
    Bleeding Heart
    Hey wait... I'm as much of a fan of Maserati as I am a fan of ferrari...

    You know what, we should be kicking the ass of McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, etc... as long as they are not sister comparies of Ferrari...

    You know what, Maserati and Ferrari are two different companies but they share the same heart...
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