How do you get your brochure

  1. thebrochureman
    I get my brochures buy phoning or emailing the compainy, i even write to some compaines. I have brought some brochure of ebay but most of my brochure i've got free of compaines. How do you get you brochures?
  2. Edward Zhao
    Edward Zhao
    In 1980s, I wrote letters to car companies (no dealer in China at that time), then I can have some brochures from there - they usually liked to send me.
    Now, I email some car companies out of China, some of them can send me, and some of them give me PDF - I hate PDF! Main way for me to have brochure is from other car brochure collectors all around the world.
    Here is the link about world car brochure collectors:
  3. thebrochureman
    ^^^ Cool, i hate it when they give me PDF as well.
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