Ford Fan group

  1. fordman6
    Hey all! Here is a gallery with some of my fave Fords. If you wanna see any other Ford there, PM me...
  2. bigekn
    does anyone still get on here!! i have a 86 SVO and i want to see if anyone has any ideas on upgrades!! i bought the car with only 64,500 miles on it! it is all stock! i drive it on sunny days otherwise it sits in my garage! i've always been a ford fan! i bought my 1st mustang gt in 1993 it was brand new! Dummy me sold it in 2000! I told myself if i ever got my hands on another i would never sell it! I love the SVO! its an awesome car! im gonna post some pictures as soon as i figure out how!
  3. bigheadmr286
    hey i got a 92 f150 anyone got any ideas what i can do to it? i got a 4.9 i6 with 232000 miles i also have a 460 that im buildin up for it
  4. KSVT
    I've got a 2003 Mustang..She's my world. Just repainted her.
    I've had to fix 3 panels before painting it because of the wreck it was in before me buying her. She's got a new passenger door and new hinges. I've had to do a lot of body work to her. Good thing I do this for a livin'.
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