Drunk status.

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  1. johnnynumfiv
    Popov FTL.
  2. fisetdavid26
    SMP + Drunk status social groups = ultimate baller status on UCP.
  3. Quiggs
    This group is made of epic win.
  4. 2ndclasscitizen
    Beer + Lego Star Wars = Win.

    Though Boag's Wizard Smith Ale isn't that great.
  5. Quiggs
    It's 615 on a Friday and I just kicked off the night with a double shot of Sambuca. Tonight will be epic.
  6. Quiggs
    Peach schnapps ftmfw.
  7. Cyco
    In week since Xmas I've purchased and (but not wholly) consumed:
    1 litre of Finlandia Vodka
    750mL Remy Martain VSOP Cognac
    5 Bottles of Aussie Red wine
    2 bottles of Potugese Port
  8. Spastik_Roach
    If I could legally buy booze i'd be more drunk than all of you!!!
  9. Turbo.Jenkens
    Evening gentlemen, Ale is my drug of choice, typically pale, sometimes brown, and when I can get my hands on it - Belgian is to die for. I love Bourbon Whiskey, but it doesn't love me.
  10. Quiggs
    Add pictures you lamers. Drunk status is all about alcohol, women, and cars. In that order.
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