Audi Group

  1. fordman6
    Hey all! Here is a gallery with some of my fave Audi's. If you wanna see any other Audi there, PM me... >>> <<<
  2. Waugh-terfall
    Some photos from me
  3. Zytek_Fan
    Zytek_Fan reporting in.
    I may get an Audi of some guise. An early 90s or late 80s fo sho.
  4. Zytek_Fan
    edit: I have a job, so I'll get a nicer Audi.
    Preferably a 5 cylinder, since they're relatively easy to work on, and you can use parts from other models on them :D
  5. bowie
    Glad to have joined your all you audi lovers... im indeed one of them... looking forward to sharing info with you all.. cheers...
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