Drunk status.

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  1. LandQuail
    I drink only TENNESSEE WHISKY.

    And I Drink A Lot Of It.

    It's the curse of my occupation. I'm Southern, and like early Hemmingway I write for a living. It's high stress/low pay. Alcohol, the exquisite art of hammering my WRX STi down blind, decreasing radius corners and my feisty punk rock wife are my only releases.

    Pics to come as soon as I get me one of them fancy camrys.
  2. Turbo.Jenkens
    Whiskey is harder to keep than a woman and it's half as sweet but
    Women without whiskey..... Women without whiskey....

    Whiskey is haaarrrd to beat
    -Mike Cooley
  3. Quiggs
    LQ, pics of all of the above. Now. Do it.

    Rum <3
  4. willysjeep
    Here in South Africa is the best/most famous/most gorgeous drink,a Brandy and Coke in a tall glass with lots of ice. After 2 glasses it makes you very friendly....after 4 in makes you very happy....after 6 it makes you very horny....after 8 itmakes you very'i know everything'.......after10 it makes some other dude f@ck you up
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