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Homem de Gelo 07-20-2003 08:15 PM

F1: British GP
By far the best dry races in a long long time.

Barrichello lost places at the start, but drove the entire race as determined as Masell was and as precise as Prost. He had fierce battles during the race and did everything perfect. This race should make the Barrichello bashers think twice before bashing him for the next GPs, and should also tell Chop-Schuey and the Ferari team that they can count on him. Chop-Schuey had a good race, fighting form the back of the grid and eventually finishing in 4th. His battle with Villeneuve was a nice reminder of what was and could have been.

Montoya also had a great race, although not in the spotlight. He came back from 12th and worked his way through the field, overtaking many drivers keeping up with Barrichello as best as possible. Now he's ahead of Ralf Schumacher on the championship standings and should gain some morale for the next races. Ralf was nowhere to be seen, first race this year in which he doesn't score points and now he's behind Montoya.

Kimi did well, but commited some mistakes which cost him dearly. Coulthard finished behind, but in his best performance since the Australian GP. His overtaking manuvre over Trulli was fantastic, on the outside of a slow and very tight corner. Both McLaren's finished the race again, have they solved all their reliability problems?

Another driver that deserves to be mentioned is Da Matta, led the race, held Kimi behind and fought hard with many drivers. His best race of the season and he opens a small gap to Panis in the championship standings. Great work done.

The standings now are:

MS - 69
KR - 62
JPM - 55
RS - 53
RB - 49
FA - 39

Ferrari - 118
Williams - 108
McLaren - 95
Renault - 55

Oh, and by the way, it seems as if Bridgestone is going to fight back. [b]It was the first time since the Austrian GP that they scored a pole and/or a fastest lap.[/b] All with Barrichello. So now it seems to me that Bridgestone have turned things in their favour again...

adz10 07-21-2003 06:01 PM

It was an awesome race, most exciting of the year IMO. Nice to see Barrichello win and Monty get another podium. I just wish that Ferrari hadn't pulled away in the Constructors, thanks to Ralf's poor performance.

piledriver 07-23-2003 08:31 AM

Everybody is saying this was the best race of the year...
but I LOST IT!!! god damn!!!!
I just heard it by radio, because I was at the beach last sunday...

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