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Kudosdude 05-14-2003 01:40 AM

24 heures de Mans pole position
1. Tom Kristensen, Rinaldo Capello, Guy Smith Bentley Speed 8 LMGTP 3:34.820
2. Jan Magnussen, Marco Werner, Seiji Ara Audi R8 LMP900 3:38.385
3. Johnny Herbert, David Brabham, Mark Blundell Bentley Speed 8 LMGTP 3:38.769
4. Frank Biela, Perry McCarthy, Mika Salo Audi R8 LMP900 3:39.016
5. JJ Lehto, Emanuele Pirro, Stefan Johanson Audi R8 LMP900 3:39.077
6. Jan Lammers, Andy Wallace, John Bosch Dome S101 Judd LMP900 3:41.535
7. J. Matthews, M. Goossens, C. Tinseau R&S MkIIIC-Yates LMP900 3:41.856
8. F. Ortiz, Beppe Gabbiani, Tristan Gommendy Dome S101-Judd LMP900 3:42.185
9. Eric Helary, Soheil Ayari, Nicolas Minassian Courage C60-Peugeot LMP900 3:42.485
10. J. Cochet, S. Gregoire, Boris Derichebourg Courage C60-Judd LMP900 3:42.535
11. Olivier Beretta, Max Papis, Gunnar Jeannette Panoz LMP01 LMP900 3:44.694
12. Ukyo Katayama, Masahiko Kondo, Ryo Fukuda Dome S101-Mugen LMP900 3:44.748

So where in the UK can I see it? What channel What time? They don't make things easy for motoring fans in this country.

Meluion 05-14-2003 03:51 AM

I would say Eurosport; the normal version is showing it for sure, there is also a British only version of Eurosport.
I also thought that in my country it is also broadcasted on a commercial channel called RTL5.

Hakk 05-14-2003 11:52 PM

But these are not the pole results...

These are the practise results that made from the teams in order to test the cars for the 24-hours race...
These results you can find at whole in the official LeMans site : [URL=http://www.lemans.org/2003/24auto/pages/classements_gb.shtml]http://www.lemans.org/[/URL]

Kudosdude 05-15-2003 01:09 AM

My mistake (E-mailed to me by a friend, I never had time to check) My apologies.

henk4 05-15-2003 03:27 AM

much more interesting cars on the grid, even a Pagani and a Chrysler. (is this a tacit return by Mercedes?)

DasModell 05-15-2003 09:30 AM

nope . i don't think so ... I know it has an AMG engine .. but a full factory backed team . is unlikely ...

LeMans wil be even more intresting . from 2004 ... with the new rules .

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