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crisis 12-24-2015 02:51 AM

Merry Christmas
I don't get on here all that often as the web is a much bigger place now since when I joined but I will say that for the most part the people on here and in particular the people who run this site sit far above any of those I have come across on the multitude of mixed interest web sites I visit. Wouter has managed the right balance between control and freedom to express what one feels. UCP is a page I know I can come to and have a laugh and a bit of banter with people from all over the world and get the feeling we are "all the same" even if we don't all think the same.
Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for your "friendship".

Wouter Melissen 12-24-2015 03:23 AM

Thank you. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year to as well!

Ferrer 12-24-2015 04:46 AM

All that had to be said, has been said already.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

pimento 12-24-2015 05:53 PM

Yippee today, other buckets.

Kitdy 12-25-2015 01:00 PM

A very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year in 2016 to the UCP community!

W and Co., keep up the good work! We all look forward to a new year of coverage.

NSXType-R 12-25-2015 03:55 PM

Merry Christmas all!

Wish you guys all have good health and a prosperous New Year!

Sledgehammer 12-29-2015 09:07 PM

Same. I am not around much anymore but every month or so I stop in. Happy Holidays guys! Keep enjoy driving. Personally, my "new" truck is a hoot to drive (spare anything above 60mph) and I get a kick towing non mountain folk in their 4wd tahoes and what not to the top of the hill through my property to the vacation rental at the end of the street. They be like "but its got 4wd, why cant I get up there."

Joshua123 05-23-2018 10:00 AM

WOT? It's May 23rd, how long have you been smoking bro?

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