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Wouter Melissen 10-06-2003 05:50 AM

New Cars
Good day,

Even though we currently feature well over 1700 cars in our database, I do realise that there many more cars that can be added. Unfortunately our time is limited and we can only publish cars of which we have proper information on and more importantly pictures we own the copyright of. Over the past couple of years our photographers have visited dozens of events, so we do have quite an archive of pictures.

At the moment the cars featured are picked by us, but we would like to give you the opportunity to indicate what cars you would like to see added. Please do realise that we are bound by the aforementioned factors and we can not add each and every car suggested.

This thread will be moderated strictly, so please just post the car you want added and if you happen to own it, please indicate that as well. Posts with additional comments will be deleted!

Thank you for your time and enjoy your visit and future visits
Wouter Melissen (managing editor)

NoOne 10-06-2003 06:43 AM

Thank you
1974-1976 Bricklin SV1 ...limited production, company went bankrupt , but the car gained and maintained a "cult-like" following :cool:

Rob 10-06-2003 12:53 PM

Wouter, I'm missing two cars at the moment, the Porsche 928 and the Renault Sport Spider, and as a Dutchman I would like to see some more Donkervoort :)

henk4 10-08-2003 12:55 PM

Lancia Delta Integrale HF.
Citroen Traction Avant (11 or 15)

Falcon500 10-08-2003 06:35 PM

Did my post fail to come through or did you wipe it? well anyways can you have a go at at least putting in the Bolwell Nagri?

Motorer1 10-09-2003 11:48 AM

There aren't enough MINIs on the site

Egg Nog 10-09-2003 06:30 PM

We need the Porsche 928, 924, 914, and 968 :) And we need them badly.

Since you asked, I own a 914. 1974 2.0

All I ever see now is 911s :(

Falcon500 10-10-2003 03:41 AM

And as i siad in my other posts prehaps more falcons if you could mange it. And i can give you a hand with some info on them if you so wish.

NoOne 10-11-2003 07:16 AM

1974 - 76 Jensen Intercepter, another brit car with a big American engine, in this case a Chrysler 440 cid. :cool:

Batmobile_Turbo 10-13-2003 04:50 PM

the shelby Series 1 plus some old beetles on the VW page

Wouter Melissen 10-14-2003 07:54 AM

Bricklin SV1

Renault Sport Spider

NoOne 10-14-2003 09:51 AM

1963 Chrysler Turbine car, 55 cars built, bodies were built in Italy by Ghia ..... possibly 9 left in existence.

Batmobile_Turbo 10-21-2003 08:43 PM

the seizita maurader V16

Falcon500 10-24-2003 03:47 AM

How about the australian Lightburn zeta built in souther australia by a washing machine firm that ones farly easy to find info on.

SL500 10-24-2003 06:02 AM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Batmobile_Turbo [/i]
[B]the seizita maurader V16 [/B][/QUOTE]
Cizeta Moroder V16T

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