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1949 Veritas -Spohn BMW

Thank you guys for your interest, this 19.5 foot 328 BMW mill with 3 carbs is a custom built machine for a American client in 1948 for the new T.V. show "Boston Blacky" (I was born in 1960 so don't ask me) all I know it was some detective show in black +white. The special Spohn Coachworks is one-of-a-kind as you will see. Just to get everyone up to speed on this very rare German sportscar, first look at this site to give you an idea where it's been on the 3rd row is the back of the 49'
My images are stored at home so I will need some time to shoot them on this site. Feel free to email me for faster service and help me post them here.
So we all will be Veritas specialist. After WWII 3 ex-BMW engineers crawled out of the burning city after the B-17 went over and began to collect 1937-1940 328;s and re-build them into post-war german racing machines.Many rich american's knew about this and quickly ordered the super fast machine built by hand and we have one in Glenview, IL. I have been getting emails from the BMW Mobile Traditons Museum in Munch requesting the 49' numbers and photo's ~ they want their car back home.
Mike L.
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