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When I first saw the old BMW ~ I was like Itailian ? French ? ~ This was a custom order machine. American Officers find out about these cars when we occupied Germany. In 1949 this Car would have blown the doors off any American 48' or 49'.
Wait till you see the engine with the 3 carbs pointing up from the center. Front end is ugly but made to suck in air that flowed out the sides. These ex-BMW engineers must have designed the German Jet fighter Messerschmitt. Spohn Coachworks also was hired to design some 1953 Cadillac's. Top auction house RM Auctions in Ontario also wants to see the Veritas, and are flying in to Glenview, IL for a private tour. They just sold a 1930 Duesenberg for $880,000. last week. One Problem is when a strong offer come's in ~ owner will have to make the call, when that day will be 2005-2006 ? We said no to a $86K offer already. I believe the Veritas will in the BMW Mobile Traditions Museum in Munich by 2010.
Mike Luxem
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