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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine
THIS was covered before.
A boxer has OPPOSING pistons and so s self-balanced.
You are confusing a V180 configuration.
Yes a boxer is self-balanced, but the revetec is not. the pistons here move the same way and are not moving against eatch other like a boxer. It neads balance shafts with counter weights.

Originally Posted by KnifeEdge_2K1
you do know that's the formula for work ... if the engine fires 3 times as much as a regular engine then it will produce 3 times the work at the same rpm
Yes so what is the magic of 2,9 times the torque when you nead 3 times the work cycles to perform it?

Originally Posted by KnifeEdge_2K1
piston speed isnt determined by rpm alone, the stroke needs to be taken into account, thats why f1 engines can reach 19000 rpm
and its not the pistons that limit the rpm its the conrods, the piston isnt what's going to give first, thats the conrods, there are no conrods in the revtec engine
Different explosesivs have diferent detonation speed, what fuel will you use to make the revetec spin at 19000rpm?

TNT has a detonation speed of 7,7km/s or was it nitroglyserin?

When F1 cars was reatching 14000RPM they got problems with valve flow.
This problem was solved by using praumatic springs.

Also they use short stroke/larger bore to get biger valve area per/ccm

You will come into alot of other problems in reatching higher pistionspeed than conroads.

If you look at a huge two stroke diesel with 90RPM and a smal cummins diesel with 2100RPM you will see the piston speed is about the same, 9m/s if I remember corectly.

F1 is a milion dollar industry, if conrods was a problem for RPM torque and horcepower they would find a sulution a long time ago.

If you blow a gasket in the top, how long will those conection pins last? will they just snap and the pistion go straight trough the top?

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