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Originally Posted by magracer View Post
I'm amazed by the way they crash into each other with wreckless abandon. I guess they don't care about their cars but they should care about the safety of the drivers and the passengers; at those speeds and such a difficult track it would be easy for someone to get hurt (just T bone a spinning car and voilá). I reckon track days would have multicar accidents now and again, but the video shows BTCC levels.
yeah well you're seeing the worst of the idiots with that vid
Not all trackdays are like that.
However it's the main reason I recommend locals to go to CLUB organised trackdays and not the hot-hatch chav days.
Notice how there are cones to channel them at corners ? That's an attempt to stop the idiotic dive for the inside that works for them on Gran Turismo "Real" days don't do that allowing you to explore the lines better.

and some of the cars are not road legal !!! MOT failures so worth very little.
Most tracks are now responding by requiring to see an MOT for a car entry -- whcih are dead easy to forge
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