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Originally Posted by jediali View Post
not great but enough for most: AMD64 3500 (939, it would be an X2 if I had AM2), 1gb ram, 512Mb 7900GS, SB audiogy...
You can get a X2 3800+ for S939. And pick up another GB of memory if you can, they go for pretty cheap these days.

Originally Posted by Cotterik View Post
yeah im experiencing fine performance on ultra with a 4400+ X2 and x1900XT but most people wont have these PC's. well, most people who arent avid pc gamers. But how can you say your machine is middle to bottom of the market!!?
Because high-end 7-series/X1k-series cards are now mainstream in both price and performance. Back then you can only get a 7600GT for the same amount of money!!
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