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II Luga – St.-Petersberg.

Kind of various info concerning this race both with terms and participants. Some sources say it was held up in June, 1901, another assure that is was a closing one that year (the last is a version of that times racer – Vadim Mihailov – published in a book). It is surely known that the winner was a director of just opened automotive warehouse, Rene Millot from France. But again, Mihailov says he drove a 6.5hp Darracq, while another sources insist on 6.5hp Perfecta (Italian make). Winning time varies, too (4:40, according to Mihailov and 6:01:06’3 following another source). Still, Mihailov’s time seems more possible for me again, as he states the second arrival’s result – 5:07 for Constantin Kapustin. Emile Lidtke, who also took part in a race, was the owner of Union factory in St.-Petersberg and drove his own-built Union car 3hp equipped with a Vivinus 3hp engine.


1. Rene Millot (F) Darracq (or Perfecta?) 6.5hp – 4:04 (or 6:01:06’3?)
2. Constantin Kapustin (RUS) Gladiator – 5:07 (?)
? Emile Lidtke (RUS) Union 3hp
? Petr Puzanov (RUS) Bollee-Puzanov 3.5hp tricar

1. Union 3hp. Source –

1901 Bollee-Puzanov 3.5hp tricar.

Unlike most period three-wheelers with two wheels in the back and one in the front, Bollee-Puzanov had two wheels in the front and one in the back (this is a principal difference between tricycle and tricar). Puzanov started with his own car in the end of 1890-s, when he bought a Leon Bollee tricar from already mentioned in this thread A.A.Abrikosov, who sold these French cars in Russia. Most likely, the original car was produced in 1895. Leon Bollee tricar had a 1-cylinder 3hp engine. After purchasing it, he made some major improvements – the rear wheel diameter and width were increased, more elastic springs were applied to all three wheels, he also remade the seat and lengthened the gear. Increasing the cylinder’s diameter led to increasing power – from 3 to 4hp. Alongside with all these improvements some smaller ones were made. It is a first known conversion from road to race car in Russia.

2. Bollee-Puzanov (1901 shot - Puzanov with his family). Source –
3. Bollee-Puzanov – advertisement from 1903 magazine, when Puzanov tried to sell it. The car remained unsold. Source –

Sport magazine’s race.

June, 3, 1901. Under the huge rain two drivers nevertheless sterted a race organized by a Sport magazine. Suurments, who came first, drove a 4hp car, and Tanskiy arrived 2nd in his 8hp car.

1. Samuel Suurmets (RUS) 4hp car – 51:7’5
2. Fedor Tanskiy (RUS) 8hp car – 1:31’10

II Hillclimb near Krasnoe Selo.

The second hillclimb competition was quite better organized than the previous one. This time the telephone net was used between start and finish points to time better. Though, it didn’t help, as the race was attended by the only competitor – Krupskiy.

1. Krupskiy (RUS) unknown – 2:23’36

1901 Moscow – St.Petersberg.

The longest run of 1901 finally, unlike previous years, should’ve been completed during one run and wasn’t divided into two runs. All five listed drivers arrived to a starting point in Moscow, but Peltzer (RUS) didn’t start his tricycle because of the mechanical problems. Finally, Mazy (driving together with Vadim Mihailov) finished in a proud loneliness, though made it almost out of time. Fedor Tanskiy and Samuel Suurmets retired near Tver (problems with tyres for Tanskiy, while Suurmets had something with a stone on the road), and Alekseev broke the axle near Novgorod.


1. Louis Mazy – Vadim Mihailov (F) Starley-Bertrand 6.5hp – 37:50 (18,328kmh)
DNF Fedor Tanskiy (RUS) Richard 8hp three-seater
DNF Alekseev (RUS) Starley-DeDion 3.25hp
DNF Samuel Suurmets (RUS) 4hp tricycle
DNS Peltzer (RUS) tricycle

1901 Starley-Bertrand 6.5hp

Specially for 1901 Moscow – St.-Petersberg race Louis Mazy remade one of the cars produced on his Starley-Psycho factory in Russia. While the technical part remained the same, including a standard 6.5hp Aster engine, the body was a completely new. Two seats instead of four for basic French body and much lighter aluminium bodypanels. It was one of the latest cars produced at Starley-Psycho (maybe even last) – on August, 8, 1901 a fire occurred at the plant – 200 bycicles and 6 tricycles were destroyed, and Mazy left Russia and returned to France, though entered one more race in 1902.
What is interesting, this exact Starley-Bertrand 6.5hp was sold to Port-Arthur, where worked in a fortress, and after Japanese took Port-Arthur it was taken to Japan and became a first-ever car there. Where it is now is unknown, though maybe it is still somewhere in Japan. Worth finding, I guess


4. Starley-Bertrand 6.5hp. Source –
5. Starley-Bertrand 6.5hp. Was published in Artem Kiselev’s book (see post #1). Taken from the Internet.
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