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Originally Posted by clutch-monkey View Post
lol, i'm getting pretty good at converting HP to KW .....but torque is harder lol
Originally Posted by f6hellcat13
For the record i cannot convert nm to lbft
lol, the conversions are basically the inverse of each other. 1HP=~.75kW and 1Nm=~0.75lbs/ft.

I have always been acustomed to torque in lbft and power in hp being about the same in engines of moderateish tune. There is something very inherently pleasing about a Corvette's engine making ~400hp and ~400lbft, I don't kno what it is. and any car that has 400 kw and 400 nm actually has, in my head, an utterly unbalanced 535hp and 300lbft.
The equivalent in metric is to have the torque number close to double that of the power. 300kw/600nm for instance is 402hp and 450lbs/ft.
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