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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
I like a car with more torques than powers. This provides greatest accelerations and velocities.
power: torque X rpm, now can you tell me how is responsible for acceleration and velocities?!

Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
My BMW has 300Nm. A fine car and you can have a good time in the twsities.

The Mini had 220Nm. An absolute hoot to drive.

Torque alone means nothing.

Originally Posted by csl177 View Post
Electric motors produce 100% of their torque regardless of RPM, i.e., linear power delivery.

Given correct discharge controls, an electric motor of horsepower equal to an internal combustion engine will produce more useful torque under any load condition.

Win. Provided the battery packs last.
electric engines have tons of torque: is any kind of electric car really fun to drive? no
beside fuel economy (and different prices), who is going to buy a Tesla and not an Exige/Elise? no one.

torque doesn't win. lightweight owns everything.

if torque wins, buy this, the yellow one of course

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