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Welcome to the Event Forum

Welcome to the Event Forum

Here you can share your own event reports from events and museums around the world. To maintain some order we have set up the following rules, which will be closely moderated. The plan is to have all members vote on the best event report every month with the winner featured on the main page.

Events Forum Rules:

1. Photographs can be of any event, so no bagging on anyone if their event is not automotive in nature.

2. Photographs posted MUST use the attachement feature and can not be shown inline.

3. Photographs posted MUST be at LEAST 1024 pixels (either vertical or horizontal).

4. When posting an event, post all details/text in the first post.

5. Do NOT reply until the original poster has posted all of their photographs.

6. Use the following format for thread titles: Event Name / Location / Date

7. Constructive comments are fine. Rude comments, personal attacks, and generally pointless posts are not.

This is not a rule, but I would like to see any event posted have at least 20 images.

This list maybe updated at anytime, so check it before posting a new event. I will keep a close eye on the proceedings, but if I overlook something please shoot me a PM.

Also, if anyone has input on improvements please feel free to shoot me a PM or discuss them in this thread.. There have already been discussions on how to subdivide the events, so look for that change once we get some events posted.
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