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Is it OK to place a long list of all business events in Europe, from the Automotive sector ? I keep one up-to-date each month, with names, adresses and more for school.

I guess my first report is of the excursion to Broekman Group/Rotterdam Car Terminal on October 28th. I organise this for my school, about once a month and each time to a different company. So far for 2008 we have the Broekman Group, DAF Trucks and Bosch/VDT planned. The only thing is that it is virtually impossible to take pictures whilst on the company terrains. They dont allow photography and it's pretty difficult to find good images. Would this be a problem for this section or should I pst anyway and scan some flyers and booklets from them then ? Maybe a Powerpoint slideshow if we are allowed to publish the sometimes deeply explained technical stuff with some notes taken from their whiteboards and stuff ??

Anyway, let me know. This section is a good idea, lets hope it gets nice and active !

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