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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
Interesting figures...
What gear ratio did you use? Front blade and rear please.
Did you shift and if so to what gears?
and btw 10-speed is purely theoretical, there will certainly be overlaps, and using the large front blade in combo with the largest sprocket on the wheel will wear out your chain very rapidly.
That is a tough question, having done the test so many years ago.
I know I started out in 1st gear. IIRC, I did "jump" a gear or two because it would have hurt the acceleration times if I shifted one gear at a time. It was probably something like 1st to 3rd to 7th to 9th.
I always did like to keep the chain on the smaller of the two on the front sprocket.

I did forget to mention that my bicycle had a speedometer. For the mph acceleration, I called out when I reached a certain speed and my brother would tell me the time on the watch.

When the weather gets a bit better here I'll see what I can do with my 30-speed gearbox....
It would be interesting to see the results.
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