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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
With two front sprockets and five at the freewheel, you will generally use the smaller front sprocket with the three largest sprockets on the freewheeel and the larger front one with the smallest three. (effectively giving you 6 speeds, without overlap). My front sprockets are 53/42/30 and the rears are 12/13/14/15/16/17/19/21/23....I will never use 53/23 as a drive.....normal driving at about 20-22 mph is with 42/15 or 42/14, and when I have a tailwind I shift to the 53, but then with the 17/16/15. Thinking about how to do a quarter mile, I might use 42/15 all the way or perhaps shift up to 53/15 towards the end. (I have a new 46 front sprocket available which I will use on the flats, just to reduce the difference between the two larger front sprockets, to give a smoother gear change, with far less big gaps.
How many times would you shift, then, throughout the 1/4 mile run?

20-22 mph is good cruising speed for a bike. With the bike I ride most, a reproduction of a '70s Schwinn Stingray, my cruising speed on level ground is usually about 14-15 mph. I also have a mountain bike (Diamondback Response) and I can cruise a little faster with that, maybe 18 mph.
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