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Originally Posted by henk4 View Post
I just noted that #4 did a few races in 1970 only, so that could be brought back to original specs. The #6 could also be brought back to the way Eddie Keizan drove it in South Africa in 1975...
b.t.w. who is conservator, the restorer or the owner?
Making a version rather than another of a car is correct. So the # 6 or # 7 could well be restored in Team Gunston version rather than the official version of JPS. As the # 4 as Team Rob Walker of Hill (which I personally would have preferred) rather than the official one of Gold Leaf Team Lotus. This is not the point.
I mean that if you restore a wing or an air scope or a sponsor decals must meet the exact size and coloration.
They spent a lot of money to restore these ladies and superficiality through mistake or are not allowed.
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